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About LT&S:

Light Time and Sound is a community space and platform. We are here to explore the synthesis of modern and traditional systems to invite deeper levels of coherence within the lives of those that come into the work. We understand that the human system is complex and multi-layered. We utilize somatic approaches to support the nervous system as well as the Geometry of Grace work which shows the 'Innate Geometry' of the individual and the mythic path in which they are walking in this life.

The Geometry of Grace in particular is the synthesis of The Human Design and Astrology. The Eastern and Western traditions of Astrology are utilized uniquely with the Human design to find right relationship with the Innate Geometry within each of us.

Our offerings

There will be unique and deeply valuable content shared often in this community space. From experience based classes to classes based on traditional text, we will be exploring the depths of modern and traditional systems.


Thank you so much for joining Light Time and Sound! Together we can invite more grace into the world through our own evolution and understanding!


To receive a reading please contact [email protected].

Please include your birth time, birth place and date along with any questions and specific inquires. The initial readings are very specific and have a general structure that is followed, however there is space and time to address specific content.

Initial reading cost is $215 (75-90min) This reading involves a unique synthesis of The Human Design system and Astrology to learn of one's Innate Geometry. The utilization of pranayama may be given to support the nervous system if appropriate (this will depend on the individual receiving the reading).

Given the nature of the Geometry of Grace it is preferable to have a series of readings that allow space for integration and reflection. This allows for us to take the time necessary to allow for genuine and sustainable change to occur within all layers of the system.

Package of 3 or more sessions: $150 per session (preferable)

*During this time if you are being impacted adversely due to current global circumstances and need financial assistance please include this in your email*. No one will be turned away from the work and there are options available for those needing financial assistance.